5 sentences black women do not want to hear !

  1. You are beautiful for a black woman

I mean excuse me? Did I hear you correctly? I don’t understand how people that pronounce those words feel when they do. Please leave this mentality in 2018. Kindly

2. « These type of women are savage »

I mean what are you basing yourself on to say this? That’s even beside the point. No woman, regardless of her origins or skin complexion would be interest in you if you base yourself on what she looks like to say that she’s « savage »

3. « Is this your real hair?»

Please mind your business. Is it even your business? If you want to learn more about someone’s culture then that’s definitely not the right question. Try something like « why do you have protective hairstyles on? We’ll be happy to explain why, plus you won’t sound condescending.

Also, I’m sorry to pop you bubble, but under wigs, braids, extensions … there her actual hair!

4. « Can I touch?»

Once again, I would never ask you that! So please don’t. It’s weird, it’s not okay and most of all at least let me answer before you pop you hand in my ‘fro. I would also like to add that it’s actually considered as a micro aggression so think twice before raising your hand near an afro!

5. « My lion, my tigress »

These words make me feel uncomfortable because it’s extremely sexualizing. You are basing yourself upon wrong interpretation of « African sexuality », just stop animalizing African women and hyper sexualizing our bodies.

*Drops mic* .

2 commentaires

  1. Number 4 makes me feel so uncomfortable.
    As in really and most of the time I don’t even want them to touch but instead of being honest I let them do it because I’m scared of overreacting.
    Thanks for putting this up, hope some people would realize the mistakes they’re making.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Babe, you are not overreacting if you are just expressing your feelings regarding something you dislike. It all depends on how you say it. I hope that the people that feel like it’s okay to touch your hair are actually people you know and if that’s the case then I hope it’s a bit easier to tell them how you feel about this situation. However if it’s strangers, it is even less okay. As I said before, this is a mini agression 😭 so speak up ! Be blessed little spice 😘



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